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TRAPPED AT TEA TIME (Hollywood Fringe, 2018)

AL JOLSON, The Show Must Go On

Al Jolson, American singer, comedian, and actor of Lithuanian Jewish descent, was considered

"The World's Greatest Entertainer" of the early 1900. He was most known for being the first voice of the talking pictures with the movie "The Jazz Singer (1927.)"

According to the St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, "Jolson was to jazz, blues, and ragtime what Elvis Presley was to rock n' roll."

Marcos Cohen, Uruguayan actor and singer, brings this talent and passion with this One-Man-Show as special tribute to the vaudeville's legend.
Cohen was awarded "gold medal" at World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood for his interpretation of Al Jolson.

The show is a combination of the Jolson' stories and his most memorable songs like Mammy, Swanee, Rock A Bye Your Baby among others.

It is without any doubt a show filled with emotions that promise to leave an everlasting mark in the heart of the audience.

Clip of The Show